Hosun Kang

hosun kangHosun Kang is an Assistant Professor in the School of Education at the University of California Irvine. Dr. Kang is interested in designing professional learning experiences for secondary science pre-service and in-service teachers so that teachers’ classroom practices improve in ways that are productive for student learning. She is particularly interested in supporting students from non-dominant cultural, social, and linguistic backgrounds with research-based practices. Central to this effort is understanding what is entailed in the work of teaching science by eliciting and responding to diverse students’ scientific thinking, everyday experiences and languages in ways that advance the learning of key ideas in science and empower students as science learners. Dr. Kang is studying the relationships between student learning, teachers’ instructional practices, and teacher learning. She is also studying formative assessment as a mean to improve both student learning and teacher learning. 

Hosun received her Ph.D. in curriculum, instruction, and policy (specializing in science education and teacher education) at the Michigan State University in 2011. She worked with the research team at the University of Washington as a postdoc research associate between 2011-2013. She has seven years of teaching experiences at the secondary level in South Korea.